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In this multi-author edition, the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre has asked six of Australia’s most innovative scholars to challenge our thinking and present a fresh perspective.

Katherine Mansted and Sarah Logan explore citizen data and make an argument for its strategic importance in Citizen data: a centrepoint for trust in government and Australia’s national security.

Susan Harris Rimmer argues that the constituency for strategic studies needs to be broadened in How to Defend Australians: a Heterodox Approach.

Sara E. Davies explores how public health emergencies like COVID-19 can affect national security and how Australia can improve its efforts across the Indo-Pacific to sustain and strengthen regional health security in A Role for Defence in Accelerating Regional Health Security.

Claire Higgins challenges the securitized approach to asylum and refugee policy in Protecting refugees and Australia’s interests.

Danielle Chubb argues a more coordinated policy response would provide Australia with a reinvigorated analytical capacity to assess how to approach North Korea in North Korea, strategic uncertainty and the human rights problem.

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