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All together: a new future for commissioning human services in New South Wales

Since the late 1990s, the term 'commissioning' as a concept and practice has steadily gained ground. What can good commissioning look like in NSW? And what can government agencies, service providers and peak bodies do to bring this to life? These are the key questions...
Policy report

Protecting democracy during COVID-19

This brief policy paper distils the thoughts of several experts and presents five key indicators of democratic health during COVID-19.
Position paper

Principles for a policy response to COVID-19

None of the principles outlined in this document are designed to generate specific, individual policy responses. They are intended instead to act as a set of criteria by which such proposals for such responses can be judged and debate initiated.
Policy report

Living with COVID-19: planning policy for the next stage

How should Australia transition out of lockdown? The Sydney Policy Lab put this question to a group of internationally respected experts in public health, epidemiology, economics, mathematics, political philosophy and ethics.