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Sydney Policy Lab

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The Sydney Policy Lab is a multidisciplinary research initiative at the University of Sydney.

Policy report

The future of enforcement for migrant workers in Australia: lessons from overseas

This report offers a series of pragmatic policy solutions to motivate employers to engage with their employees fairly, and to remove barriers to justice for migrants who have been exploited.

A real deal: a research action agenda for transforming Australia in and beyond the pandemic

Identifying five new benchmarks in order to build an economy and government that work for people and our planet, this report outlines a research and organising agenda for a genuine deal between the market, state, and civil society that works for people and the environment.

"I want to see my friends": the everyday experiences of autistic people and their families during COVID-19

Many autistic people felt worryingly unsupported during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first major investigation into the impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns on autistic people and their families, this report makes five key conclusions intended to influence ongoing policy responses.
Policy report

COVID-19 and the dental profession: professional tensions and ethical quandaries

This paper explores pertinent questions about dentistry, the dental profession and the nature of oral health that have been raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to consider these questions proactively, with an inter-professional and collaborative approach to the practice of dentistry, will be key...
Policy report

Protecting democracy during COVID-19

This brief policy paper distils the thoughts of several experts and presents five key indicators of democratic health during COVID-19.