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Andrew Volmert


A matter of life and death: explaining the wider determinants of health in the UK

To address health inequalities, the authors of this report argue that change is needed in the the way that we communicate about the wider determinants of health – to increase public understanding and to build space for policy change.
Briefing paper

Reframing the conversation on the social determinants of health

This briefing presents the main findings from research commissioned by the Health Foundation and carried out by the FrameWorks Institute, analysing public understanding, expert opinion and media narrative around health. It also presents findings from questions sponsored by the Health Foundation in the 2017 British...

Perceptions of parenting: mapping the gaps between expert and public understandings of effective parenting in Australia

This report, published by the Parenting Research Centre, responds to the gaps between the expert knowledge and common assumptions among the Australian public about what effective parenting involves. The study describes what the common assumptions are about parenting as a first step to seeking to...