Jerry Schwab

Working paper

Measuring and analysing success for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

The Closing the Gap targets feature heavily in the current policy measurement framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians at both the national and state/territory levels. The aim of this paper is to provide helpful information to consider when assessing alternative frameworks for measuring...
Working paper

Business-related studies and Indigenous Australian students

This report reviews the existing literature relating to Indigenous students and business-related studies in Australia, and provides a snapshot of Indigenous students' participation in, and completion of, business-related higher education courses. Abstract Substantial recent growth in the number of Indigenous businesses means that the need...

Indigenous youth engagement in natural resource management in Australia and North America: a review

With the continuing high levels of Indigenous youth unemployment and low levels of school attendance among Indigenous youth, Indigenous communities and education systems are seeking new approaches to increase Indigenous youth participation in education, training and employment. This priority among Indigenous and government stakeholders is...
Discussion paper

Indigenous education: experiential learning and learning through Country

In Indigenous policy circles there is a desire to lift the educational and employment outcomes of remote Indigenous students, relative to their non-Indigenous peers in the rest of Australia. This paper queries some current policy approaches to these issues and seeks to provide a practical...

"Send in the army!"

Jerry Schwab describes practical options from Canada for re-engaging remote area Aboriginal youth.