Bill Fogarty

Discussion paper

Indigenous education: experiential learning and learning through Country

In Indigenous policy circles there is a desire to lift the educational and employment outcomes of remote Indigenous students, relative to their non-Indigenous peers in the rest of Australia. This paper queries some current policy approaches to these issues and seeks to provide a practical...

Indigenous language education in remote communities

This topical issue is based upon a submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Inquiry into language learning in Indigenous communities, and has a specific focus on lessons the authors have learnt from working with Indigenous peoples...

The viability of wildlife enterprises in remote Indigenous communities of Australia

Sustainable wildlife enterprises developed for commercial purposes are a potential source of economic and socio-cultural benefit for Indigenous people living in remote locations in Australia. This paper examines the viability of a wildlife enterprise in Arnhem Land (Northern Territory) that harvests three animal species for...

Why the Northern Territory Government needs to support Outstations/Homelands in the Aboriginal, Northern Territory and national interest

The development of a Northern Territory outstation/homelands policy which meets the needs and aspirations of a dynamic and highly mobile population is extremely important. It is a complex and difficult task, but one which provides an important opportunity for outstations/homelands to be viewed as an...

Living through a national emergency: A view of the intervention from ground zero

This seminar provides a perspective on the Intervention from one of the largest Indigenous townships in the NT through the eyes of two doctoral research scholars who were researching in the community as the Intervention broke. The paper analyses the initial reactions of both the...