Why the Northern Territory Government needs to support Outstations/Homelands in the Aboriginal, Northern Territory and national interest

23 Dec 2008

The development of a Northern Territory outstation/homelands policy which meets the needs and aspirations of a dynamic and highly mobile population is extremely important. It is a complex and difficult task, but one which provides an important opportunity for outstations/homelands to be viewed as an integral component of the Northern Territory Government’s vision for ‘a framework for a sustainable future where development takes place within a context of land and sea conservation’ as envisaged in the Northern Territory Parks and Conservation Masterplan 2005.

An innovative outstation/homeland policy which solves the problem of government service delivery of Indigenous Australians’ citizenship entitlements -- so that it provides a choice for Indigenous Australians where they want to live and how they want to engage nationally and internationally in social, cultural and economic life -- is urgently needed.


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