Eric Crampton


Safer arrivals and the path to 2022

In this report, the authors make recommendations to enhance safety during the current outbreak, reduce the costs of new outbreaks that emerge, and enable New Zealand to open as much as is possible, as safely as is possible.

Fording the rapids: charting a course to fresher water

This report argues for cap-and-trade approaches to the management of New Zealand's fresh water.

A risky place to do business

In this article, the authors argue that the New Zealand Government's recent housing policies will have substantial undesirable consequences for the New Zealand economy.

Roadmap for recovery: briefing to the incoming government

New Zealand faces its worst recession in nearly a century. Unfortunately, the economic response to the challenges of Covid-19 leaves much to be desired. Most new policy initiatives proposed in the run-up to the 2020 general election range from trivial at best to economic sabotage...

Safe arrivals

This report provides a pathway toward safer scaling-up of New Zealand's border capabilities.