Eric Crampton


Safe arrivals

This report provides a pathway toward safer scaling-up of New Zealand's border capabilities.
Position paper

Open for minds: export education and recovery

Eric Crampton presents the case for why the New Zealand Government should quickly reopen the country's borders to international students.

Stay on target

Everyone agrees the Government plays a critical role in helping New Zealand through the economic consequences of the Covid-19 global pandemic. But the best tools are not always clear. In this essay, the authors argue that the New Zealand Government should support struggling workers with...

Refreshing water: valuing the priceless

This report argues that catchment-level cap-and-trade systems for water abstraction, incorporating both urban and rural water uses, are the best approach for New Zealand to manage water supplies in catchments where water is becoming scarce.

Score! Transforming NCEA data

NCEA completion rates have been increasing, with more children than ever earning an NCEA diploma. However, New Zealand’s performance on international benchmarks in numeracy and literacy has been flat or declining.