Judy Taylor

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Building blocks for social accountability: a conceptual framework to guide medical schools

The conceptual framework for socially accountable medical education was built from analyzing the internal and external factors influencing the selected medical schools. These factors became the building blocks that might be necessary to assist movement to social accountability.
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From personal to global: understandings of social accountability from stakeholders at four medical schools

This paper reports on how research participants in medical schools understood social accountability. Seventy-five participants were interviewed including staff, students, health sector representatives and community members. Field notes were taken and a documentary analysis was completed.
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A role for communities in primary prevention of chronic illness? Case studies in regional Australia

In regional Australia "communities of place," defined as bounded geographic locations with a local society, undertake community-wide primary prevention programs. In helping to prevent chronic illness, communities provide valuable resources to the health system. To understand the role of community-health sector partnerships for primary prevention...
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Community participation in rural primary health care: intervention or approach?

Community participation is considered important in primary health care development and there is some evidence to suggest it results in positive health outcomes. Through a process of synthesising existing evidence for the effectiveness of community participation in terms of health outcomes we identified several conceptual...
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Are the gaps closing?: regional trends and forecasts of Indigenous employment

This paper examines the extent to which Indigenous Australians have shared in the large expansion of the Australian workforce as revealed by a comparison of 2001 and 2006 census results and whether there have been any associated general patterns. As such, it provides the first...