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James Cook University

Journal article

What works for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men? A systematic review of the literature

This systematic review seeks to understand what interventions, programs and activities are successful in improving the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and thereby the wellbeing of their communities.

Northern Australia aquaculture industry situational analysis project

The objective of this analysis project is to identify key challenges and opportunities facing the northern Australian aquaculture sector, and to explore potential solutions and identify the most strategic research projects for further investment.
Journal article

Are we there yet? Exploring the journey to quality stroke care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in rural and remote Queensland

This study emphasises the need for an inclusive coordinated and culturally responsive approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stroke care that values the role of the client, their family and community.
Policy report

Strong futures: strengthening the path to Fellowship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical graduates

Strong futures was a joint research between AIDA and James Cook University (JCU) that aimed to explore the journeys of these individuals to improve their career and fellowship opportunities and to inform key stakeholders on practices to better support Indigenous trainees in Specialist training.
Briefing paper

Policy brief: Lessons from the best - Indigenous primary health care services

This is a one page policy brief resulting from a NHMRC project Lessons from the Best. Six continuously highly improving (CQI) Indigenous primary health care services were studied in partnership with the servie and key policy agents. The results about the factors supporting continuous quality...