Wendy Miller

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Food, water, energy, waste: an examination of socio-technical issues for urban prosumers – Part 1 (Context)

The human relationship with food is an under-acknowledged contributor towards climate change and environmental degradation. However, citizens’ choices and actions regarding food consumption and production in urban settings are shaped by the economic, cultural and infrastructure systems in which they live.
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Food, water, energy, waste: an examination of socio-technical issues for urban prosumers: Part 2 (Results and Discussion)

The purpose of this paper (parts I and II) is to examine the socio-technical factors that affect urban food production and associated energy, water and waste services. Part I introduced the growing role of prosumers, discussed the context of the human relationship with food and...
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Comparison of building energy codes in Australia, United States and China for Australian commercial building energy conservation

Building energy codes have been widely implemented in the world to regulate energy consumption and CO2 emissions from the building sector. In order to assess the impacts of building energy codes on Australian building performance, this paper has compared the energy efficiency requirements of the...
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Quantifying stakeholders’ influence on energy efficiency of housing: development and application of a four-step methodology

Identifying stakeholders’ influence on project outcomes, prioritizing their importance and managing their interests accordingly is an effective strategy for maximizing benefits for organizations. Quantifying human influence on buildings’ energy efficiency can help future researchers and housing industry stakeholders in integrating the human aspect with technological...

To keep heatwaves at bay, aged care residents deserve better quality homes

Research suggests that residential aged care facilities are not well regulated in terms of providing safe indoor temperatures, especially during hot summer months.