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Lucy Foster


A history of future-thinking initiatives in New Zealand, 1936–2010: How New Zealand measures up against international commitments

The purpose of this report is to learn lessons from the past and present a useful model for emerging initiatives in the future; to provide greater access to the existing knowledge established by these initiatives (so that earlier contributions can be built on); and to...

A history of future-thinking Initiatives in New Zealand 1936–2010

New Zealanders have always understood the need for long-term thinking. This report describes eighteen future-thinking initiatives since 1936, many of which were undertaken by groups in civil society. Given such a background, this report puts forward a number of lessons.

Four possible futures for New Zealand in 2058

This report uses the issues of climate change and genetic modification to explore four scenarios based on whether or not the world manages itself well and whether or not New Zealand manages itself well. These four scenarios illustrate why small countries have such a vested...