Jemma Green

Journal article

Citizen utilities: the emerging power paradigm

Highlights Citizen based power systems are emerging in Perth, Western Australia. Solar power and battery storage systems are disrupting traditional utilities. The grid will still have a role in the new, distributed power system. The new system will lead to economic localism and the democratisation...
Journal article

Planning and governance for decentralised energy assets in medium-density housing: the WGV Gen Y case study

The energy needs of most urban populations are serviced with centralised, fossil fuel based generation and transmission infrastructure. However, with the advent of affordable solar and storage technology, this will likely move towards an increasingly hybridised and decentralised model. While many households presently benefit from...
Journal article

Disruptive innovation, stranded assets and forecasting: the rise and rise of renewable energy

Disruptive innovations are seen to have three core features: 1. They occupy a niche that expands into being a major disruption to a technological system; 2. They grow exponentially and are thus very surprising in their disruption and; 3. They create stranded assets.
Conference paper

Environmental sustainability of prefabricated modular residential buildings compared to traditional equivalent: two case studies in Perth, Australia

The share of prefabricated modular residential buildings in the Australian construction market is growing mainly because they are quicker to erect on-site than traditional construction, and often cheaper; but how about their carbon footprint and more particularly their thermal performance? To bring some light on...

Pilbara 2050: ensuring the long term viability of the Pilbara

This report examines the long term economic viability of the Pilbara region. It gives an audit of infrastructure, policies, programs and initiatives, with a gap analysis of need and a comparison against other places in Australia and around the world.