Matthew Clark


The commercialisation of CSIRO energy efficiency policy adoption diffusion modelling

This paper is a review of the potential commercialisation and adoption pathways for a suite of energy efficiency policy-uptake modelling capabilities from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO). Common Capital undertook this review for the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Low Carbon Living...

Enhancing the market for energy efficient homes: implementing a national voluntary disclosure system for the energy performance of existing homes

This report and eight associated working papers are a deliverable for the Project RP3016: ‘Enhancing the market for low-carbon homes at point of sale and lease’ funded by the CRC for Low Carbon Living. This project is publicly known as the EnergyFit Homes Project: empowering...
Working paper

The EnergyFit Homes Initiative Working Paper 6: Australian Information Systems for Household Energy Efficiency

Executive Summary Almost nine in ten Australian households want to take action to reduce their household energy consumption. Despite this interest, most home-buyers and lessees do not consider the carbon performance of their future home. This project seeks to develop a pathway for enhancing the...
Working paper

The EnergyFit Homes Initiative Working Paper 7: International information Systems for Household Energy Efficiency, Common Capital, Australia

Executive Summary This report investigates a range of energy efficiency information systems in Europe and the United States. The analysis shows that a number of tools and systems have effectively provided information that allows the property and financial markets to value energy efficient buildings and...
Working paper

The EnergyFit Homes Initiative Working Paper 8: Home Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Map

Executive Summary Scope and objectives This report provides the findings from the stakeholder-mapping stage the EnergyFit Homes Initiative phase 1. The objectives of this phase were to develop a map of the relevant stakeholders and to understand their perspectives of the need, scope and implantation...