Christian Koch

Conference paper

Commercial pressure, local responsiveness and synergies in globalized engineering services

This paper investigates how medium-size engineering service companies working traditionally in national markets have engaged with challenges of globalisation and competition from multinationals.
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Operations strategy for maintaining competitiveness in a European automotive company

The automotive industry is mostly known for its large concentration on a few global players. However the industry also encompasses a series of small and medium-sized enterprises, either as suppliers or as value adders, focused on smaller submarkets. This paper focuses on the specific situation...
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Tete a tete? Nearshoring in Europe of consulting engineering

Global sourcing of engineering is becoming a more common way to increase a company’s competitiveness and includes the nearshoring and offshoring strategies of relocating engineering services and activities across national borders. The driving force of why nearshoring and offshoring can often lead to competitive advantage...
Journal article

Learning from demonstration? Developing construction for sustainability

This paper reports on an early demonstration project, the building of a passive house dormitory in the Central Region of Denmark in 2006-2009.
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Taking engineering services offshore - the Scandinavian experience

“Offshoring” has become increasing attractive for European engineering consulting firms, either through the use of external resources (outsourcing) or by relocating internal activities (the captive arrangement of foreign direct investment). Consulting companies may experience lack of skilled personnel and or an increasing pressure on costs...