Seona Candy

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A citizen science approach to obtain quantitative measurements of urban agriculture inputs and outputs in Melbourne

There are many advocates and critics of urban agriculture’s role in a sustainable food system but little quantitative data, potentially due the difficulties in collecting it. Urban food production is an example of a distributed system intrinsically linked to urban farmers and urban lifestyles and...
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Assessing the capacity and resilience of Melbourne’s foodbowl: the Foodprint Melbourne project

The city of Melbourne is located in a highly productive agricultural region with the capacity to meet approximately 41% of the city population’s food needs. Melbourne’s “foodbowl” is an important building block in a resilient and sustainable food system for this rapidly growing city. This...
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Behaviour change via social sanctions and shared electricity

Applying behaviour change methods to reduce home energy consumption has resulted in varying outcomes and also conservation effects that were short-lived. Some of the more promising treatments included In Home Energy Displays (IHDs) and home energy bills with comparisons to unknown others - for individual...
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Modular system approach for modelling socio-technical transitions towards alternative energy infrastructures in urban areas

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE) in urban energy systems requires the implementation of alternative infrastructure configurations across different geographical, technical and social scales. Furthermore, alternative configurations may improve systems resilience and democratization of service provision.