Maree Petersen


Preventing first time homelessness amongst older Australians

This project examined older people’s homelessness in Australia, with a particular focus on the experience of becoming homeless for the first time in later life. This research project drew on individual client case records and interviews with professionals working in the Assistance with Care and...

Ageism: designed and planned for older Australians?

This study draws attention to ageist stereotypes and assumptions of older people held by professionals involved in the policy, design and planning of the built environment, in particular residential complexes. Data was collected as part of a larger study concerned with the growth in specialised...

Problems and prospects for dynamic microsimulation: a review and lessons for APPSIM

This paper has been prepared as the first in a series of papers associated with the development of the Australian Population and Policy Simulation Model (APPSIM). The APPSIM dynamic population microsimulation model is being developed as part of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage grant...

Before and after school care: costs and usage of formal child care services for school age children, 1999 and 2002

The provision of before and after school care services, and the subsidy of these services through the Commonwealth Child Care Benefit, provide substantial support to many women in combining and balancing work and family. Relatively little analysis has been done in an Australian context, however...

Perceptions of child care affordability and availability in Australia: what the HILDA survey tells us

Relatively little research has been conducted into child care affordability and availability, leaving a gap in information for public debate and decision making. Rebecca Cassells, Justine McNamara, Rachel Lloyd and Ann Harding aim to lessen this gap by analysing self-reported problems with child care affordability...