Natasha Cortis


Reducing restrictive practices: a review of evidence-based alternatives

The Royal Commission commissioned the Social Policy Research Centre to review academic literature about ways to reduce the use of restrictive practices on people with disability. This report aims to understand the nature and extent of evidence, and evidence gaps.

At the precipice: Australia's community sector through the cost-of-living crisis

Community services, including disability, family violence and homelessness organisations, are at breaking point and facing a staffing crisis due to years of inadequate government funding, this research shows.

Counting the costs: sustainable funding for the ACT community services sector

This report informs development of more sustainable models of resourcing for the community services sector in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Meeting demand in the shadow of the Delta outbreak: community sector experiences

This report provides evidence from the Australian Community Sector Survey (ACSS) 2021, conducted in September 2021. It is part of a series of studies that seek to give voice to the collective issues and priorities affecting the community sector, and to reflect the rich diversity...

Challenges of work, family and care for Australia’s retail, online retail, warehousing and fast food workers

This report provides information about the work, family and care arrangements of employees in Australia’s retail, fast food and warehousing industries.