Ciara Smyth


Connecting the dots: understanding the domestic and family violence experiences of children and young people with disability within and across sectors - final report

This report presents the findings from research that aimed to provide new knowledge on the nature and extent of domestic and family violence experienced by children with disability (0 to 18 years), and the experiences of children and young people with disability (8 to 24...

Evaluation of 1800RESPECT – final report

Researchers from the SPRC and the Gendered Violence Research Network at UNSW Sydney undertook this evaluation of 1800RESPECT, the national online and telephone counselling service for people affected by domestic and family violence and sexual assault.

Practice First evaluation report

This report describes the evaluation of the implementation and service system outcomes of Practice First across 24 CSCs in NSW. The evaluation used four methodologies, with findings from each triangulated to strengthen conclusions.

Out of home care for children in Australia: a review of literature and policy

The aims of the study were to review trends in out-of-home care, both in the numbers of children being placed in different types of care in Australia and in the ways of organising and supporting such care that are emerging in different national and State...

Women’s lifework: labour market transition experiences of women

Ciara Smyth, Margot Rawsthorne and Peter Siminski describe the labour market transition experiences of Australian mothers who are balancing work and family responsibilities. The study reveals the contextual, fluid and complex nature of the life and work decisions that women who are parents make over...