Sally Robinson


Enabling and protecting: proactive approaches to addressing the abuse and neglect of children and young people with disability

This paper draws from recent research about abuse and neglect and from national policy approaches in child protection and disability to better understand the causes, experience and responses to maltreatment of children and young people with disability. A series of key concerns about abuse and...

Evaluation of the self directed support pilot for children and young adults with a physical disability

Disability and Community Care Services, Department of Communities commissioned an evaluation of the outcomes, process and costs of the Self Directed Support pilot by a research team led by the Social Policy Research Centre. This final report provides findings about the outcomes for participants and...

Preventing abuse and promoting personal safety in young people with disability: full report

This research addresses a knowledge gap about personal safety and abuse prevention by exploring the perspectives of young people with disability.

“Whatever it takes”: Access for women with disabilities to domestic and family violence services: final report

This research report that aims to help tertiary response services to respond effectively to the needs of women with disabilities. It draws on the experiences of women with disabilities who have experienced violence and abuse and have used tertiary response services.

In the picture: understanding belonging and connection for young people with cognitive disability in regional communities through photorich research: final report

For young people with cognitive disability who live in regional Australia, very little is known about what helps and what hinders belonging and connection in their communities. This research addressed this gap in our knowledge by working collaboratively with young people.