Christina Birdsall-Jones


How is crowding in Indigenous households managed?

Strategies to manage crowding in Indigenous households can reduce the negative effects for people living in those households, according to this report. Key Points

Indigenous homelessness in regional Australia

The overall aim of this project was to examine the phenomenon of Indigenous homelessness in Australian regional cities and to explore a range of service responses that have been developed for homeless and public-place dwelling Indigenous people in selected regional centres, so as to assess...

Australian Indigenous house crowding

This paper aimed to develop a model of Australian Aboriginal house crowding, based on social science theories, and then refined through empirical studies conducted in regional urban and state capital metropolitan areas, generating useful findings for housing policy. The case studies were conducted in Queensland...

Why are special services needed to address Indigenous homelessness?

This report explores why it is necessary to design and deliver homelessness services specifically for Indigenous people.

Modelling crowding in Aboriginal Australia

This research project will seek to critically examine existing models of household overcrowding reported in the literature nationally and internationally in order to provide policy makers with ways to predict, measure and manage Aboriginal household overcrowding.