Frank Bongiorno


Remembrance of rorts past: why the McKenzie scandal might not count for a hill of beans

It's much harder to remove a minister these days than it used to be – and there's no sign Bridget McKenzie's departure will prove a damaging blow for the Morrison Government.

Brickbats and bouquets

Twitter has changed the landscape of political reporting, and there’s no going back, writes Frank Bongiorno.

As election 2019 kicks off, the only certainty is a cranky and mistrustful electorate

There are generally two kinds of federal election: those where the government is returned, and those where it's defeated. The former is more common.

Barbeques and black armbands: Australians’ attitudes to Australia Day

Based on the Life in Australia study, this report assesses Australians' support for Australia Day on 26 January.

Poor white bloke

Is Barnaby Joyce on the rise again? On the evidence of his memoir, things could get ugly.