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Frank Bongiorno


Australia before Whitlam: a slice of the sixties

What was Australia like before the Whitlam Government? This paper explores that question by homing in on February 1967, the month that Gough Whitlam succeeded Arthur Calwell as Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party.

Barbeques and black armbands: Australians’ attitudes to Australia Day

Based on the 'Life in Australia' study, this report assesses Australians' support for Australia Day, commemorated on 26 January.

The life in Australia: historic events survey

In the lead up to Australia Day, this survey asked Australians to reflect on our shared history and the nation-shaping events that have occurred in our lifetime, and to consider which particular aspects of our past are the most significant in terms of how we...
Discussion paper

Blue Labour: lessons for Australia

Maurice Glasman, the founder of Blue Labour, would perhaps see some irony in having his ideas discussed in a Fabian Society forum. He is certainly hostile to the statism associated with English Fabianism in its classical era. Glasman also rejects much of the vocabulary of...