Darren Pennay


Barbeques and black armbands: Australians’ attitudes to Australia Day

Based on the Life in Australia study, this report assesses Australians' support for Australia Day on 26 January.

The life in Australia: historic events survey

In the lead up to Australia Day, this survey asked Australians to reflect on our shared history and the nation-shaping events that have occurred in our lifetime, and to consider which particular aspects of our past are the most significant in terms of how we...

Can we count on who we call?

One in five Australians are not contactable via a landline telephone – What are the implications for your telephone survey estimates?

More than ready: bystander action to prevent violence against women

This research provides an evidence base to develop further programs that encourage pro-social bystander action to address the determinants of violence against women. The VicHealth Bystander Research Project is the first of its kind in Australia. To date, the project has included an evidence review...