Barbara Comber


Fresh water literacies: transdisciplinary learning for place and eco justice

The aim of the Fresh Water Literacies Project was to build on primary aged students' understanding of the importance and finite availability of natural resources.
Journal article

Futures in primary science education: connecting students to place and ecojustice

Working with teachers and their students, the Water Literacies Project provided an ideal opportunity to explore a range of pedagogical approaches and practices which connect students to their everyday world, both now and in their possible futures, through place-based learning.

An evaluation of the 2003 South Australian literacy and numeracy tests

Commissioned by the Australian Education Union (SA), this report identifies significant shortcomings in the 2003 literacy and numeracy testing conducted in South Australian schools. The authors argue that well-designed standardised tests can be useful as one part of an assessment regime, but the current tests...

Deficient "Disadvantaged Students" or media-savvy meaning makers? Engaging new metaphors for redesigning classrooms and pedagogies

In this article article submitted to the McGill Journal of Education, Pat Thomson and Barbara Comber argue that students in disadvantaged schools are very often seen as lacking in ability, motivation and appropriate academic skills. In a practitioner-university co-research project which investigated literacy learning, information...