Minh Nguyen


Analysis of climate change impacts on the deterioration of concrete infrastructure

The report is based on an analysis of climate change impacts on the deterioration of concrete infrastructure that was funded by Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE) and the CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship. It aims to draw together all the major outcomes from...

Report card on Australia’s relations with the region 2007: Asia-Pacific NGO opinion survey

This paper reports on a survey of Asia Pacific non-governmental organisations (NGOs) conducted over a period of two months from 8 June 2006 by Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre in partnership with Griffith Asia Institute. The study seeks to understand how this population perceives Australia...

Mutual trust: an alternative to mutual obligation in overseas aid

Released in December 2005, AusAID’s interim White Paper on Australia’s aid program recommends that future aid payments and allocations be regularly reviewed and made conditional on a recipient country’s performance against certain agreed targets. The report suggests that aid be used to reward countries that...

Between a mined-out rock and a hard place

Helen Fraser and Minh Nguyen examine the situation in Nauru - once ranked among the world's wealthiest countries per capita owing to its rich but now depleted phosphate resources. Continued dependency on phosphate export revenue has reduced this island state to near bankruptcy. The authors...

The question of 'failed states': Australia and the notion of state failure

Minh Nguyen argues that there is very little evidence linking state failure with international terrorism and other criminal activity, and that such an assumption paints a misleading picture and can lead to an unhealthy policy obsession with pre-emptive military attacks and other forms of intervention...