Russell G. Smith


Estimating the costs of serious and organised crime in Australia, 2020–21

This report estimates the cost of serious and organised crime in Australia in 2020–21 to be between $24.8 billion and $60.1 billion. This is the third in a series of reports undertaken for the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission estimating the cost of serious and organised...

Benchmarking the use of audiovisual link technologies in Australian criminal courts before the pandemic

This report is the second published by the AIC arising from its national video courts research program and documents the development and implementation of AVL (audiovisual link) technologies in the criminal courts in Australia, before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019.

Audiovisual link technologies in Australian criminal courts: practical and legal considerations

This report assesses the practical and legal considerations that need to be taken into account when adopting audio-visual link (AVL) technologies in the criminal courts, and concludes by identifying best practice initiatives for the adoption of AVL technologies in Australia.

Estimating the cost of pure cybercrime to Australian individuals

This report estimates the cost of pure cyber-crime to individuals in Australia in 2019.

Changing perceptions of biometric technologies

This study was undertaken as part of the Australian government’s National Identity Security Strategy. This report presents both qualitative and quantitative research findings obtained from a sample of respondents in the most recent surveys concerning their experiences of biometrics and perceptions as to its role...