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Angus Martyn


Progress of the United States Military Commission trial of David Hicks

The trial of the accused terrorist, Australian David Hicks, is due to start before a United States Military Commission in March 2005. Angus Martyn provides a brief factual background on the Military Commissions and summarises the key developments to date in the pre-trial proceedings.

The Amrozi Bali bombing case: is Indonesia's anti-terrorism law unconstitutional?

On 8 August 2003, Amrozi bin Nurhasyim was found guilty of various charges relating to his purchase of the Minivan and bomb-making chemicals used in the Bali bombings of 12 October 2002. These charges were laid under an anti-terrorism regulation that was proclaimed by President...

"Disarming" Iraq under international law

As a consequence of United Nations Security Council resolutions passed after the 1990-91 Gulf war, Iraq is required by international law to renounce weapons of mass destruction and submit to verification inspections by United Nations agencies. It is yet to be determined whether Iraq still...