Priscilla Robinson

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COVID-19—extending surveillance and the panopticon

This analysis includes recommendations for reform to improve clarity and consistency in the law and reduce barriers that may exclude persons with dementia from participating in ethically approved research.
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Risk factors for renal disease and diabetes in remote Australia – findings from the Western Desert Kidney Health Project

This article presents the findings for the Western Desert Kidney Health Project, determining the prevalence of type 2 diabetes (T2DM), kidney disease and associated risk factors in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in remote Western Australia.
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“At 150 kg, you can't run” men's weight loss stories in a popular health magazine provide appropriate examples of good health practice

This analysis uses a mixed methods approach that combines thematic analysis and descriptive statistics to examine weight loss strategies against clinical practice guidelines for the management of overweight and obesity.
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Is there compelling evidence for using the arts in health care?

A national arts and health policy framework being developed in 2012 proposes whole of government engagement to strengthen arts and health initiatives for community wellbeing. This framework should assist health providers at all levels to assess existing programs, consider new directions and identify community partners...
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Australian public health policy in 2003-2004

In Australia, compared with other developed countries, the many and varied programs which comprise public health have continued to be funded poorly and unsystematically, particularly given the amount of publicly voiced political support. Vivian Lin and Priscilla Robinson review new initiatives during this two-year period...