Sharon Willcox


Chronic diseases in Australia: blueprint for preventive action

This paper identifies strategic priorities for taking action to prevent chronic diseases. It is the second report by the Mitchell Institute on this issue. The first report, Chronic diseases in Australia: the case for changing course, mapped out the social, economic and health costs of...
Discussion paper

Chronic diseases in Australia: the case for changing course

The burden of chronic disease in Australia threatens to overwhelm the health budget, the capacity of health services and the health workforce. Much of that burden is preventable through effective, evidence‐based changes to policy. This is a background paper for the Mitchell Institute November 2014...
Discussion paper

Revitalising health reform - time to act: discussion paper

The Australian Institute of Health Policy Studies has commissioned this discussion paper to encourage broad community debate and, importantly, action on reform of Australia’s health care system. This report demonstrates that, all too often, existing processes for health system reform are ineffective. It documents the...