B. Oldenburg

Literature review

Evidence check: mHealth technologies for chronic disease prevention and management

This Evidence Check review examines the evidence regarding the benefits, uptake and operationalisation of mHealth technologies (including short messaging services (SMS), mobile apps and wearable devices) for chronic disease management and prevention. The review found mHealth interventions can promote significant improvements in glycaemic control (for...
Discussion paper

Revitalising health reform - time to act: discussion paper

The Australian Institute of Health Policy Studies has commissioned this discussion paper to encourage broad community debate and, importantly, action on reform of Australia’s health care system. This report demonstrates that, all too often, existing processes for health system reform are ineffective. It documents the...

Health inequalities in Australia: morbidity, health behaviours, risk factors and health service use

This statistical report documents morbidity and morbidity-related inequalities by area-level socioeconomic disadvantage, equivalised household income, education and occupation among infants and children, young adults, working-aged adults and older persons for the periods 1989–90, 1995 and 2001.