Dougal Robinson


The frontrunners: foreign policy and the Democratic party in 2020

The Democratic Party is adopting a tougher approach to China and moving left on many issues of great consequence to Australia, including trade and defence spending. This report suggests that Australia will likely face more difficult decisions hedging between Washington and Beijing, regardless of which...
Briefing paper

The new Congress and U.S Asia policy

This paper argues that from Australia’s perspective, the U.S Congress will on some issues be a useful supporter of ‘status quo’ positions and robust U.S engagement and leadership in Asia. On many others, Congress will be slow-moving, infuriating or downright depressing in its impact on...
Briefing paper

Australia and the 2018 midterm elections: a primer

Midterm elections are an important indicator of the national political climate that curb or enhance the power of the president’s party in Congress. If Republicans maintain majorities in the House and Senate, they will continue to pursue core policy priorities.

Make it personal: Trump, Congress and Australia’s avenues of influence

For Australia to successfully influence the Trump administration, Australian political leaders will need to invest more personal time in Washington with the figures that command the president’s attention