Matilda Steward

Matilda Steward is a Program Associate in the Foreign Policy and Defence Program and a tutor in US and Australian politics at the United States Studies Centre. Previously, Matilda was a Research Assistant in Sydney University’s Department of Government and International Relations, where she worked on a longitudinal study tracking foreign perceptions of the United States.
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Bolstering resilience in the Indo-Pacific: policy options for AUSMIN after COVID-19

The United States Studies Centre has assembled a list of ten policy recommendations for the upcoming Australia–US Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN) meeting. Drawing on the expertise of our researchers, including from their published and ongoing research projects, these recommendations combine analytical judgements with new policy thinking...

Averting crisis: American strategy, military spending and collective defence in the Indo-Pacific

This report argues that America no longer enjoys military primacy in the Indo-Pacific and its capacity to uphold a favourable balance of power is increasingly uncertain. It suggests that a strategy of collective defence is fast becoming necessary as a way of offsetting shortfalls in...
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Australia and the 2018 midterm elections: a primer

Midterm elections are an important indicator of the national political climate that curb or enhance the power of the president’s party in Congress. If Republicans maintain majorities in the House and Senate, they will continue to pursue core policy priorities.