Hayley Channer


A web of harms: serious and organised crime and its impact on Australian interests

Overview This report analyses serious, transnational and organised crime and the harms it causes to Australia’s interest, with the aim of reinvigorating a discussion of this critical matter amongst Australians. This web impacts on our national interests to the sum of an estimated $15 billion...

Steadying the US rebalance to Asia: the role of Australia, Japan and South Korea

This paper seeks to clear up the uncertainty surrounding US hopes and wishes of allies in Asia, and to provide Australia with a fuller picture of the opportunities and challenges in our strategic alliance with the US. Overview Given China’s rise and Asia’s economic ascent...

Manufacturing partners: Japan-South Korea security cooperation and Australia's potential role

This paper identifies how Australia fits into Japan–South Korea cooperation, the merits and pitfalls of trilateral security cooperation, and whether it’s in Australia’s interests to pursue such an initiative. Summary In Asia, Australia has no closer strategic and ideological partners than Japan and South Korea...

Terms of engagement: Australia’s regional defence diplomacy

Australia is in the process of pivoting back to our own region and looking for new strategies for Defence re-engagement. But the Defence Cooperation Program hasn’t been scrutinised in any depth since an audit report by the Auditor-General in 2001. That pointed to a lack...

Something new under the Rising Sun: expanding Australia–Japan defence cooperation

A number of recent policy documents signal the Australian Government’s intent to deepen defence engagement in the Asia–Pacific, and future defence policy statements are likely to reinforce that objective. The Australia in the Asian century White Paper clearly established Asia as our primary economic and...