Simon Jackman

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Fear, loathing and COVID-19: America and Australia compared

While most Australians believe government lockdown measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic “are about right”, this public opinion research from the United States Studies Centre finds Americans are deeply divided.

Economic and political overview 2020

This report provides an insight into the domestic and international economic, political and policy environment, giving policymakers and organisations an insight into the operating environment in the year to come.

Public opinion in the age of Trump: the United States and Australia compared

This research finds that Australians can clearly differentiate between a president and a country. As much as Australians may dislike the current US President, most Australians hold positive evaluations of America and of Australia’s relationship with the United States.

Impeachment 101: the history, process and prospect of a Trump impeachment

Just two US presidents have been impeached and none removed from office. Despite this, there has been much speculation about the prospect of Donald Trump being impeached by Congress. But how likely is this? Professor Simon Jackman looks at the constitutional, legal and political factors...

Red is the new black: Support for and attitudes towards socialism in Australia and the United States

Results of surveying people in the United States and Australia, to understand what we think of socialism.