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Research note: policy priorities and the 2022 Australian federal election result

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This research note focuses on the policy priorities that appear to have shaped the 2022 Australian federal election result, and is written to accompany the ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods/School of Politics and International Relations Symposium on Realignment or dealignment? Survey perspectives on the 2022 federal election.

There were three policy areas where support predicted 2019 Coalition voters to stay with the Coalition

  1. Defending the country from future terrorist attacks;
  2. Dealing with the issue of immigration; and
  3. Dealing with global trade issues.

There were four policy areas where support predicted 2019 Coalition voters switched their vote:

  1. Dealing with global climate change;
  2. Improving disaster relief;
  3. Improving the way the political system works in Australia; and
  4. Addressing issues around race in this country.

The policy areas that predicted a vote switch were seen as a much greater priority going into the election campaign than those that predicted staying with the Coalition.

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