Stephen Kirchner

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Globalisation and labour productivity in the OECD: what are the implications for post-pandemic recovery and resilience?

The findings of the report can be used to measure the cost to labour productivity and living standards from the COVID-19 de-globalisation shock, as well as the costs and benefits of post-pandemic policy responses aimed at either decreasing or increasing international connectedness.

Failure to converge: the Australia—US productivity gap in long-run perspective

This report examines the long-run relationship between Australian and American productivity and living standards.

The 'reserve currency' myth: the US dollar's current and future role in the world economy

This report examines the US dollar’s global role and its implications for Australia. The report looks at the dollar’s global pre-eminence and how this has increased over time. It also examines the role of the US dollar as a “reserve asset”, arguing that this reserve...

Lessons from quantitative easing: a guide for Australian policymakers

This report argues that quantitative easing (QE) is an operating instrument for policy, rather than a monetary policy as such. As with policy conducted via official interest rates, QE’s effectiveness depends on the policy framework in which it is located, as well as how the...

Unbroken: productivity and worker compensation in Australia and the United States

This report finds the link between productivity and compensation in Australia remains robust under existing institutional arrangements, although this does not preclude the possibility of further reforms that could boost productivity, worker compensation and improve the distribution of productivity gains.