Alex Tewes


The F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) project: progress and issues for Australia

In response to the need for new aircraft to replace the ageing F/A-18 and F-111, the Australian government foreshadowed the purchase of about 100 new aircraft to be in service in 2012. Since then, the estimated cost of the purchase has increased from about $10.5...

National security or just defence? The next white paper

The years since the publication of the Defence 2000 White Paper have witnessed significant changes to Australia's strategic context and its operational imperatives. In this research brief, Alex Tewes looks at some of the issues likely to affect the development of the next national strategic...

Australia's maritime strategy in the 21st century

Released to inform public discussion in the lead-up to the development of the government's next defence or national security white paper, this document aims to put the debate surrounding Australia's maritime strategy within a coherent context. Alex Tewes provides a historical summary of strategic developments...

Missile defence for Australia: vital development or strategic snake oil?

The uncertainty about North Korean nuclear ambitions have spurred consideration of whether Australia should consider the development of ballistic missile defences. This Research Note presents the details of current developments as well as some of the concerns associated with the missile defence program.

War in Iraq: preliminary defence and reconstruction costs

As the major combat operations of the war in Iraq appear to be drawing to a close, it is important to put in context the financial costs of Australia's military contribution. This Current Issues Brief gives some preliminary estimates of military costs up to now...