Maori people

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Māori people

Whānau first

The Maori Party believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted major racism and inequity that impacts on wellbeing and the ability to feed whānau. If the Maori Party enter a collation government after the 2020 New Zealand general election they state that a variety of...

Making disability rights real Whakatūturu ngā tika hauātanga

New Zealand has a mixed record when it comes to the rights of disabled people. Although some things are done well, there is still a great deal of work required to remove barriers stopping disabled people from participating in society on an equal basis. This...

Supporting offenders into employment

Supporting Offenders into Employment (SOE) is a joint initiative between Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and Department of Corrections that is trialling new ways to support people as they transition from prison into sustainable employment. SOE involves engaging with a person before they leave prison...

2019 stocktake of gender, Maori, and ethnic diversity on state sector boards and committees

The document provides data on the diversity of representation across New Zealand state sector boards and committees, with a specific focus on gender, Māori and ethnic diversity.

Ka whati te tai: a generation disrupted

Focusing on the economic impacts of COVID-19 on Māori, the report explores the challenges and opportunities for Māori in the new work order.

E Tū Whānau mahere rautaki

This Mahere Rautaki (Framework for Change) outlines the overarching E Tū Whānau priorities for the next five years. It brings together the voices, aspirations and expertise and it builds on the many learnings from the past 10 years.
Discussion paper

Māori media sector: shift options

The Māori media sector has a history of over 30 years of achievement. This work explores how the sector can continue that success long into the future given a fast-changing digital landscape and changing audience demands.
Journal article

Prevalence of diabetes in pregnancy among Indigenous women in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA: a systematic review and meta-analysis

This systematic review and meta-analysis provides a comprehensive assessment of the prevalence of diabetes in pregnancy among Indigenous women in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA.

Human rights and Te Tiriti o Waitangi: COVID-19 and alert level 4 in Aotearoa New Zealand

The New Zealand Government’s approach to COVID-19 has some significant shortcomings. This short report provides ten ‘snapshots’ of how the Level 4 lockdown impacted upon human rights and Te Tiriti. It is hoped New Zealand can learn from this experience as the country take steps...

Estimated inequities in COVID-19 infection fatality rates by ethnicity for Aotearoa New Zealand

There is limited evidence as to how COVID-19 infection fatality rates (IFR) may vary by ethnicity. The authors combine demographic and health data for ethnic groupings in Aotearoa New Zealand with international data on IFR for different age groups to estimate inequities in IFR by...