Literature review

5 Feb 2019

This rapid literature review investigates the emotional health and wellbeing of Australia's carer population.


9 Nov 2018

Australia has no significant history of temporary or “guest” worker programs. This means it effectively has a policy “blank slate”. We can learn from the well-documented pitfalls of programs elsewhere and develop a temporary labour migration program that is global best practice.


What is the role for government in stewarding disruptive innovation?
9 Nov 2018

This report focuses on one particular area of technological development – robots, and their governance. It explores the roles that robots should and should not play in care delivery, and the role that government has as a steward in shaping these roles.


18 Oct 2018

This review considers what works to support carers of older people with dementia to prevent or delay entry into residential aged care. It adopts a rigorous and systematic approach to identify and appraise the evidence, aiming to inform dementia policy.

Discussion paper

17 Oct 2018

Carers report that the provision of care can be very stressful. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2012 data reveals that 50% of primary carers identified that caring has one or more negative impacts on their physical or emotional wellbeing.


12 Oct 2018

This summary report contains key insights about the carer population in New South Wales and highlights the successes and challenges carers are experiencing as they engage with the service system and with paid employment.


First three-year action plan
12 Oct 2018

This strategy document provides a framework to support and recognise the work of carers, acknowledging the difference they make in our community and responding to key challenges faced by carers.

Journal article

3 Sep 2018

This research explored residential aged care (RAC) workplace design features that influence how RAC staff feel valued, productive, safe, like they belong and connected. A secondary aim was to validate emerging themes about RAC design features with stakeholders.


Recognising and supporting Victoria’s carers
26 Jul 2018

This strategy aims to provide a framework for the many undertakings and investments the Victorian government has already made to support carers, as well as future work to address the things that matter most to carers.

Journal article

17 May 2018

There is an urgent need for culturally appropriate ways of assessing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kinship carers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children entering into out‐of‐home care in the Australian statutory child protection system.


15 Dec 2017

Governments have yet to create a coherent strategy to help the almost three million Australians providing informal care, writes Lesley Russell.

Conference paper

24 Nov 2017

In rural Australia, knowledge and utilisation of support by informal carers is lacking. Developing and improving access to peer support to enable carers to effectively cope with the challenges of caring may positively influence their caring experience.


8 Aug 2017

Young carers suffer a substantial negative impact on their academic achievement arising from their time spent caring for others.

Journal article

15 Apr 2017

This article examines in-depth interviews with six families in rural South Australia, that were conducted to explore their experiences of caring in the community and future post-parental care plan for their son/daughter with an intellectual disability.

Technical report

22 Mar 2017

This report shows the economic value of informal care in Australia and it clearly validates the importance of carers.

Journal article

14 Mar 2017


The quality of caregiving in mothers with substance abuse problems appears to be compromised. However, divergent findings, methodological variability, and sample characteristics point to the need for research synthesis.


A comprehensive systematic search was undertaken. Studies were eligible...

Journal article

23 Feb 2017

Internationally, there are few studies that have trialled structured intervention programmes designed to prevent excessive weight gain or combat existing overweight/obesity for young people living in out-of-home care. The Healthy, Eating Active Living (HEAL) programme was designed to address this limitation and is, to our...


12 Dec 2016

This report presents the results of evaluation of two block-funded carer support programs run by Anglicare Sydney – Support Coordination (SCP) and Respite Options (ROP). Evaluation data was collected over a number of years using entry and evaluation surveys, which incorporated several outcomes measures including...

Briefing paper

9 Nov 2016

This paper explores the link between the unequal distribution of caring work between women and men and the unequal outcomes in workforce participation, job opportunities, gender pay gaps and the gap in superannuation savings.

Working paper

8 Apr 2016


Indigenous Australians experience higher rates of severe or profound disability than other Australians, and the gap in rates of disability between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians increases with age. The relatively high rates of disability among the Indigenous population corresponds with heavy caring...



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