Lixia Qu


The consequences of divorce for financial living standards in later life

There is very little empirical evidence in Australia on the financial consequences of divorce for older people. This report begins to fill this gap by providing some of the first estimates of the financial consequences of divorce for Australians aged 55 to 74 years.

Family-related life events: insights from two Australian longitudinal studies

The report examines the prevalence of different life events among Australian adults, and the links between life events, personal and family characteristics, and personal wellbeing.

Living alone and personal wellbeing

This paper examines the consequences of living alone, particularly its impact on a person’s social connection, health and subjective wellbeing. It finds that while living alone has some effect on these factors, the effects are limited and cannot necessarily be attributed to living alone.

Attitudes towards intergenerational support

This paper examines the views of Australians about the obligations of parents and their adult children concerning financial and accommodation support, and compares views of respondents according to selected demographic characteristics.

Ageing parent carers of people with a disability

This report presents information on parents who care for people with a disability in Victoria, focusing on the issue of ageing.