Jody Hughes


ldentifying strategies to better support foster, kinship and permanent carers: final report

This is the final report from the research project 'Identifying Strategies to Better Support Foster, Kinship and Permanent Carers'. This project was undertaken by the Australian Institute of Family Studies and Murawin, an Aboriginal research and evaluation consultancy.

The Cottage service for highly disadvantaged children in Fitzroy: a review

An evaluation of the Cottage Centre for Families and Children which served inner-Melbourne families with young children shows that it was an effective model for assisting families with complex needs. Defining principles included early intervention, considering the child in the context of family and community...

Australians working together: evaluation of the impact of activity requirements for parenting payment customers on their children aged 13–15 years

Since September 2003 the Parenting Payment recipients whose youngest child is 13 to 15 years old have been reuired to undertake one or more activities (such as job search, education, training or community work) to develop and enhance their work skills and prepare them for...

Social capital: empirical meaning and measurement validity

Little is known about social capital in practice, since measurement of the concept remains an emerging field. Drawing on data from the institute's Families, Social Capital and Citizenship survey of 1500 Australian households, Wendy Stone and Jody Hughes aim to contribute to the development of...