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Briefing paper

"Reunification" with Taiwan through force would be a Pyrrhic victory for China

Many commentators and officials speculate about Beijing’s plans to compel 'reunification' with Taiwan. This analysis helps clarify what could be at stake for the world, and reaffirms the importance of deterring Beijing from contemplating a military attack on Taiwan.
Briefing paper

Taiwan and the dangerous illogic of deterrence by denial

The author of this paper argues that although there are many compelling reasons to prefer that Taiwan remain democratic and retain its affinity with the West, these outcomes are not so vital as to merit a strategy for which the immediate consequence of failure is...
Policy report

Influence for hire: the Asia-Pacific’s online shadow economy

This report examines the Asia–Pacific regional influence-for-hire marketplace using case studies of online manipulation in the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Australia.

Chinese disinformation efforts on social media

The Chinese military's focus on information warfare is expanding to include information operations on social media. This report describes how the People's Liberation Army (PLA) might direct social media disinformation campaigns against the United States and its armed forces, especially the U.S. Air Force

What if …? Economic consequences for Australia of a US-China conflict over Taiwan

What if China were to attempt to seize Taiwan by force and the US and allies responded militarily? One consequence would be the disruption of China’s trade with many countries, including Australia. This study is focused on the likely short-term shock to Australia’s economy and...

Countering China’s adventurism over Taiwan: a third way

Faced with the possibility of another Taiwan Strait crisis, more and more observers in Washington and elsewhere are making the case for an unambiguous US commitment to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack. This essay contends that the United States has options...

Nuclear escalation in a Taiwan Strait crisis?

In this report, the author analyses the different scenarios that could trigger a nuclear war in the Taiwan strait and how it can be avoided.

Protecting democracy in an age of disinformation: lessons from Taiwan

The challenge of disinformation, including foreign disinformation attacks, is exacerbated by features inherent in open, democratic, and market-based political and economic systems. This report examines Taiwan’s experience in combatting foreign and domestic disinformation and draws out lessons and implications for the United States.

Designing governance structures for performance and accountability

This book examines how governance structures may be designed to promote performance and to ensure accountability. It describes developments in Australia, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan.

Lessons from abroad: Taiwan's COVID-19 containment model

Alongside South Korea, Taiwan is one of the few countries to “flatten the curve” of Covid-19 without a national lockdown due to its prior experience with the SARS epidemic of 2003. New Zealand’s pathway is similar to Taiwan’s and there are lessons to be learned...

Taiwan flashpoint: what Australia can do to stop the coming Taiwan crisis

This paper argues that rather than continue the debate about Australia’s position on its ANZUS obligations should the United States invoke the treaty in a Taiwan conflict, Australia should work with other regional powers to advocate for more robust risk avoidance and crisis management mechanisms.

Rethinking Taiwan policy: history, politics, ideology

Taiwan policy in Australia and internationally is structured around the ‘resolution’ of the Taiwan issue, either through a negotiated settlement or through large-scale military action by the PRC. This report argues that Australia should reassess its understanding of the Taiwan issue so as to identify...

Lessons for building creative economies

This report looks at ways developed and developing country governments can support efforts to strengthen the creative economies in Asia, using Taiwan and Indonesia as case studies.
Briefing paper

Comparing China’s and Taiwan’s aid to the Pacific

The diplomatic tug-of-war between China and Taiwan is expected to intensify in the Pacific in the foreseeable future.
Journal article

Assessing the amenity value of forest ecosystem services: perspectives from the use of sustainable green spaces

Due to the fragility of forest ecosystems, developing forest recreational resources must consider sustainable ecological, economic, and social development, and reduce impacts from recreational activities. Diverse forests with different biodiversity could promote forest ecosystem services and resistance to the pressure of tourism development. Under such...
Conference paper

Lean design process for formwork engineering

Formwork engineering is one of the major cost factors in reinforced concrete construction, which is not only critical for the successful completion of construction projects, but also critical for profitability. The purpose of this research is to utilize lean thinking in formwork design so as...
Briefing paper

Taiwan’s geopolitical challenges and domestic choices: a state of ambiguity

This briefing considers heightened tensions in the region and the Trump administration’s more forceful China Policy in the context of recent developments within Taiwan’s domestic politics, the current status of its relationship with the US and China, and its efforts to increase its presence in...

China, the United States and the Taiwan factor

This paper argues that the Chinese Communist Party sees the reintegration of Taiwan with the mainland as a sacred duty. As such, any declaration of Taiwanese independence would be a red line to Beijing, irrespective of whether Taiwan had foreign assistance in that endeavour or...

The culture white paper 2018

The Culture White Paper 2018 aims to pave the way for Taiwan’s cultural governance in the future. The core idea and foundation of this white paper, 'democratization of culture', is considered as the crucial first step in protecting freedom of artistic expression and promoting diversity.
Conference paper

Lean formwork

Formwork materials and worker payments are one of the main expenditures in reinforced-concrete structures. Formwork engineering is thus one main factor impacting project success. In current practice, formwork construction including non-value-adding activities results rework and inventory waste. The aim of the paper is to adopt...