Briefing paper

12 Apr 2019

This briefing considers heightened tensions in the region and the Trump administration’s more forceful China Policy in the context of recent developments within Taiwan’s domestic politics, the current status of its relationship with the US and China, and its efforts to increase its presence in...


4 Apr 2019

This paper argues that the Chinese Communist Party sees the reintegration of Taiwan with the mainland as a sacred duty. As such, any declaration of Taiwanese independence would be a red line to Beijing, irrespective of whether Taiwan had foreign assistance in that endeavour or...


11 Jan 2018

This book presents and discusses a selection of papers developed from the Greater China Australia Dialogue on Public Administration’s fifth workshop held in late 2015, which focused on budget and financial management reforms, including how different nations account for the relative performance of their public...


12 Dec 2017

This report assesses the national approach of Asia–Pacific countries to the challenges and opportunities of cyberspace, taking a holistic approach that assesses governance and legislation, law enforcement, military capacity and policy involvement, and business and social engagement in cyber policy and security issues.


30 Nov 2016

Governments around the world invest considerable resources in enhancing the capabilities of their civil service administrations with the intention of improving the quality and e ectiveness of public administration. While most developed and many developing nations have established professional bureaucracies that are, in Weberian terms,...


9 Mar 2016


This study argues that the Taiwan Strait will remain dangerous and that Canberra needs to pay closer attention to the evolving cross-strait situation. Of crucial importance is the question of whether Australia should support its US ally in a future Taiwan contingency....


17 Dec 2015

Adoptions Australia 2014–15, the 25th report in the series, presents the latest data on adoptions of Australian children and children from overseas, and highlights important trends in the number of adoptions back to 1990–91.


Adoption numbers continued to decline...


15 Oct 2015

This report sheds light on the expertise required to support a robust and sustainable digital scholarship (DS) program.

It focuses first on defining and describing the key domain knowledge, skills, competencies, and mindsets at some of the world’s most prominent digital scholarship programs. It...


7 Jan 2014

Introduction: This workshop report comprises four papers presented at an international workshop, 'Tensions in the East China Sea', which was held at the Lowy Institute in Sydney in June 2013. The papers are written by Ms Bonnie Glaser, Ms Linda Jakobson, Prof Jin Canrong...


23 Jan 2012

This paper considers the implications of Taiwan's election result for China, the US, Australia and Taiwan itself.

Leaders in Washington, Beijing and Canberra breathed a quiet sigh of relief when Taiwanese President Ma Ying Jeou was elected for a second term on 14 January....

Journal article

1 Jan 2012

The appropriate role of the state in economic and social development has been much disputed in the past decades, with earlier ideas about an interventionist state under attack from a neo-liberal perspective rooted in the neo-classical economics which emphasis the superiority of the market forces....

Discussion paper

26 Mar 2010

This week marks the second anniversary of Ma Ying-jeou’s victory in the 2008 Taiwanese presidential election. In the period since Ma’s inauguration relations between Taiwan and China have improved markedly. There are clear signs that the two parties are taking small but vital...


20 Jan 2007

The competition for diplomatic recognition between China and Taiwan is destabilising Island states in the South Pacific, making Pacific politics more corrupt and violent. The Solomon Islands provides the clearest evidence of what happens when an island state becomes a battleground in this contest. Australia...

Conference paper

1 Jan 2007

Taiwan launched a telemedicine service for rural area since 1995. In this study, a qualitative evaluations of Taiwan's telemedicine was performed to assess various measures of effectiveness (e.g., diagnostic accuracy), efficiency (e.g., cost), and participant's altitudes to determine its success. Qualitative data were collected from...

Journal article

1 Jan 2007

All other things being equal, questions arise as to whether the location of firms in distinct regions will result in variations in their technology capabilities, and what the nature of the local industrial environment is that determines regional technology gaps. This study investigates these issues...


1 Aug 1999

John Mathews argues that in the Asia-Pacific region, some outstanding successes have been registered in advanced technological fields. The case of Taiwan, which has risen to become the world's third largest producer of IT hardware and fourth largest producer of semiconductors, is striking. Singapore too...



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