13 Jun 2018

Describes the type of bail conditions imposed on defendants in New South Wales and the nature of bail breaches.


30 Jun 2017

This report presents the results of a literature review on bail support programs and services commissioned by the ACT Justice and Community Safety Directorate as part of their Justice Reform Strategy.


1 May 2017

My first advice was directed largely to legislative reform in accordance with the Terms of Reference. This advice deals with broader systemic issues that arise directly out of the consideration of the operation of the bail system, including Terms of Reference 4 to 7. It...


3 Apr 2017

The provisions relating to bail in Victoria are already very strict. I do not consider that the Bail Act 1977 (the Bail Act ) needs a major overhaul in terms of its theoretical underpinnings. In particular, I consider that there should continue to be a...


28 Sep 2016

Examines the rise in the NSW Indigenous prison population.

Method: Descriptive analysis of trends in bail, sentencing and court appearances.

Results: The rise in Indigenous imprisonment in NSW is due to a combination of higher rates of arrest resulting in conviction,...


21 Sep 2009

This research report examines 145 cases before the NSW Children's court and describes the circumstances in which a young person was likely to be breached on their bail.

Early in 2008, the Youth Justice Coalition (YJC) identified the issue of bail and its impact...


23 May 2006

Between 1984 and 2004 the proportion of remanded prisoners rose from 12 to 20 percent of the total prisoner population, and the rate of prisoners remanded into custody tripled. In an attempt to identify the factors associated with high and low remand rates the researchers...


15 Nov 2005

The issue of custodial remand in Australia remains acute. More than a fifth of Australian prisoners are unsentenced ('remandees') at any one time. Depending on the jurisdiction, remandee numbers have increased by between 50% and 270% since 1995. However, Australian States and Territories remand people...

Briefing paper

12 Dec 2002

This briefing paper gives a general overview of bail legislation and procedure in New South Wales as a basis for a more detailed discussion of statutory amendments introduced in recent years. It also explores the increasing emphasis on participation in diversionary and rehabilitation programs as...


15 Jun 1999

At any time, around 15 per cent of Australia’s 20,000 prisoners are on remand, that is, they are in custody but have not been sentenced. They are held in custody to ensure they will appear in court to answer charges, or to protect the community,...



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