Journal article

31 Oct 2018

This study introduces a framework for synthesizing building and transport energy consumption data with the Local Climate Zones (LCZs) classification system. Drawing on preliminary results, we explain how this approach can provide opportunities for standardizing urban carbon accounting.


5 Nov 2017

Provides a roadmap to scholars seeking to understand shifting Thai policies and for policymakers seeking to maintain a strong footing for the U.S.-Thailand alliance during a time of strategic flux.


11 Jul 2017

Thailand’s status as a relatively stable and predictable partner, in both business and geopolitical terms, is now imperilled.

Conference paper

22 Nov 2016

Expansion and modification processes are ordinary matters that applied to many houses in Bangkok, Thailand. Evidences are depicted in various scales of construction, from floor extension to the modification of house structure, in order to accommodate with the new function. Although, there are studies that...

Blog post

20 Sep 2016

Amid the Philippine Government’s ongoing campaign of extrajudicial killings of suspected drug dealers and addicts, and reports that Indonesia is looking to emulate aspects of this approach, it is timely to recall similar previous anti-crime campaigns in south-east Asia.

Journal article

30 Mar 2016

Developing countries need to reform legislation to ensure the global supply firms in ready-made garment (RMG) industry is adequately addressing obligations of social responsibility. Literature typically focuses on strategies for raising responsible standards in global buying firms within the RMG industry, but fails to focus...


15 Dec 2015


Although the prime focus of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has been on establishing a state—a caliphate—in the Middle East, it has also sought to gain a presence beyond that area. Southeast Asia is one region that’s now receiving...


29 Sep 2015

This book is about 24 developing countries that have embarked on the journey towards universal health coverage (UHC) following a bottom-up approach, with a special focus on the poor and vulnerable, through a systematic data collection that provides practical insights to policymakers and practitioners....


24 Sep 2015

Not much is known about the ways in which assessment data have actually been used in education policy to date. Understanding the role of assessments in informing system-level decision-making is a first step towards helping stakeholders improve the design and usefulness of assessments. Moreover, this...


24 Sep 2015

This report is an outcome of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Australia Council and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNSECO) Bangkok to promote cultural diversity in the Asia-Pacific, signed in 2012. The report aims to contribute to understanding and debate of...

Working paper

31 Jul 2015

This paper presents an examination of economic and financial linkages for a selection of economies in the Asia-Pacific region for the period 2001 to 2012. The countries examined are the ASEAN5 group of nations - Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand; the three large...



18 Jun 2014

Thailand has been changing in unexpected ways, according to this analysis of a country in continuing political crisis

To understand the crisis in Thai politics, it’s important to examine the momentous changes Thai society has undergone in recent decades. If certain key institutions,...


16 Jun 2014

This paper finds that for Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, reactive types of counter-terrorism interventions, such as arrests, indictments, imprisonments, assassinations and other operational activities show the strongest association with the rate of terrorism incidents over time.


This paper models the...


23 Apr 2014

Summary: In this Analysis, University of Leeds professor Duncan McCargo argues that the recent Malaysian-backed Southern Thai peace initiative has now run into some serious problems. He argues that despite its various shortcomings the initiative is still worthy of support, since it has gained...


1 Apr 2013

This report presents a feasibility study into an East Asia Summit (EAS) Regional Facility for Education Quality Assessment (RFEQA). The project was developed partly in response to major findings of the 2008 study Harnessing Educational Cooperation in the EAS for Regional Competitiveness and Community Building...


28 Jun 2012

Since 2008, the Australian Government has increased the tempo on investigating and understanding these crimes, and the Australian Institute of Criminology’s research and monitoring program is part of this effort.

The Government has introduced new legislation to crack down on trafficking slavery and servile...

Journal article

1 Jan 2012

This article provides a cross-national examination of Thai and Australian political responses to rural social and economic inequity during the period 1997-2007 using an historical lens. It highlights different policy approaches and their philosophical underpinnings. Both the National Party and Thai Rak Thai Party shared...

Journal article

1 Jan 2010

In this paper we examined whether food education for regional community will be an effective solutions for regional development or not. To answer this question, authors conducted field surveys in Thailand and Japan and identified important facts to increase the effectiveness. Firstly, we revealed necessity...

Journal article

1 Jan 2008

We examine an NGO-led project of rural industrialisation that brings together the comparative advantages of rural villagers and private sector firms to improve local employment and community health outcomes. Based on household survey data from Northeast Thailand, we find that the industrialisation project raises the...


14 May 2006

While some developing countries have begun researching male-to-male sexual activities and interests, many gaps exist in the understanding of sexual networking within MSM populations, and between MSM populations and wider populations.

This study was commissioned by Family Health International (FHI) and undertaken by the...



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