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Fact Check: Is Cambodia engulfed in a human rights crisis?

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison wants refugees on Nauru sent to Cambodia, but Human rights lawyer David Manne claims independent evidence shows Cambodia is in no position to resettle refugees.

Review of the Asia Development Assistance Facility – partnerships for sustainable development

This review of ADAF-PSD was commissioned by NZAID and undertaken by a consultant. Ten ADAF-PSD projects were analysed for this review, consisting of 4 completed projects in Cambodia and Vietnam, and 6 on-going projects in Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, China, Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

Review of the Asia trade and development programme projects

This report documents the findings and recommendations of the review of three trade and development projects undertaken in the Greater Mekong sub-region. The broad purpose of the review was to identify how the selected projects have contributed to increasing access to markets for local producers.
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Chinese overseas hydropower dams and social sustainability: the Bui dam in Ghana and the Kamchay dam in Cambodia

Abstract There is a shortage of empirical studies on the relationship between Chinese hydropower dams and social sustainability. Comparative research on Chinese-funded and Chinese-built hydropower projects is rare. This article aims to fill parts of this gap by discussing these issues in relation to Chinese...

Feasibility study for the East Asia Summit

This report presents a feasibility study into an East Asia Summit (EAS) Regional Facility for Education Quality Assessment (RFEQA). The project was developed partly in response to major findings of the 2008 study Harnessing Educational Cooperation in the EAS for Regional Competitiveness and Community Building...
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Agreement between Australia and Cambodia for the relocation of refugees from Nauru to Cambodia: factsheet

On 26 September 2014, Australia and Cambodia signed an agreement providing for the relocation of refugees from Nauru to Cambodia. The agreement is set out in two instruments: