Mapping food insecurity

Australia is a prosperous country, but too many families experience food insecurity. This report examines the determinants of the issue, creating a food insecurity index for Central and North Queensland.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Is a person torn to pieces by a crocodile every three months in north Queensland?

Katter's Australian Party MP Bob Katter claims a person is "torn to pieces" every three months by a crocodile in north Queensland.
Working paper

Stories from community: how suicide rates fell in two Indigenous communities

This is the story of suicide prevention in two remote Indigenous communities - Tiwi Islands (Northern Territory) and Yarrabah (Queensland), told by the communities themselves. It is a story of community empowerment in each place and as such supports the existing work of the Aboriginal...
Policy report

Connectivity and digital inclusion in Far North Queensland’s agricultural communities: policy-focused report

This policy-focused report is the culmination of a qualitative study of digital connectivity and telecommunications in rural Far North Queensland. In particular, the research investigated the lived experience of digital inclusion - a combination of internet access, affordability of technology, and digital ability - in...

Climate assessment for the electorate of Capricornia

This climate assessment for the electorate of Capricornia finds the electorate could suffer devastating climate impacts unless emissions are cut and climate change is brought under control.
Journal article

Connections: the contribution of different forms of social capital to regional development

This article explores perceptions of social capital and sustainability of farming and its contribution to regional development.

An investigation into factors that may affect the long term environmental and economic sustainability of tourism in northern Australia

The objective of this paper is to identify factors that may affect the long term environmental and economic sustainability of tourism in northern Australia.

Journeys into the rainforest: archaeology of culture change and continuity on the Evelyn Tableland, North Queensland

This monograph presents the results of archaeological research that takes a longitudinal approach to interpreting and understanding Aboriginal–European contact. It focuses on a small but unique area of tropical rainforest in far north Queensland’s Wet Tropics Bioregion.