Operationalising deterrence in the Indo-Pacific

The United States and Australia need to bolster their contributions to deterrence and defence in an increasingly contested Indo-Pacific. This will require updating and future-proofing the US-Australia alliance so that it keeps up with the pace, scale and intensity of the multidimensional challenges that China...

Ocean horizons: strengthening maritime security in Indo-Pacific island states

This report examines how Pacific island countries (PICs) and Indian Ocean island states (IO island states) are managing and prioritising their maritime security challenges. These islands, which the authors refer to as the ‘Indo-Pacific island states’, face an intricate offshore tapestry, with the report suggesting...

Sino-Indian relations in the Indian Ocean: conflict or convergence?

Economic co-operation is the main pillar of India-China relations. According to the liberal school of thought, industrialised countries prefer economic development and foreign trade as a means of achieving prominence and prosperity.
Policy report

Indo-Pacific immune systems to enable healthy engagement with the Chinese state and China’s economy

This paper sets out three challenges to the creation of a future for Indo-Pacific states and peoples consistent with the visions of a ‘free and open Indo-Pacific’ (FOIP) expressed by Japan, India, the US and Australia, and now by the ASEAN outlook on the Indo-Pacific.

Ending violence against women and girls: evaluating a decade of Australia’s development assistance

This evaluation finds that Australia has provided strong and sustained leadership on ending violence against women and girls (EVAWG), and has been a leading program donor. Overall, the approaches used have aligned with best practice and made a significant contribution to EVAWG in the Indo-Pacific.
Working paper

Winds of change: Pacific Islands and the shifting balance of power in the Pacific Ocean

As China becomes more powerful, it is challenging American regional military predominance in Asia, but also in the western Pacific and increasingly in the Indian Ocean. This paper is concerned with the implications of this shift in strategic thinking for Pacific island states.
Working paper

Assessing Indonesian diplomacy in the Pacific Islands

This paper considers Indonesia’s role in Pacific regional politics.

No longer a middle power: Australia’s strategy in the 21st Century

This paper argues that Australia is heading towards a normalization of its approach to the world, realigning its capabilities with its strategic priorities on two different scales. While for much of the 20th and 21st century, Australia aimed at being a “global middle power”, Australia...
Working paper

How does the ‘Pacific’ fit into the ‘Indo-Pacific’? The changing geopolitics of the Pacific Islands: workshop report

How does the Pacific fit into the Indo-Pacific? This paper presents a summary of the thoughts of Pacific, New Zealand and Australian speakers on the changing geopolitics of the region during a recent workshop at the ANU.

Implementing the Indo-Pacific: Japan’s region building initiatives

This special report examines Japan’s role in the evolving Indo-Pacific regional order. This report brings together a diverse mix of authors, with a variety of perspectives, to offer analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing Japan’s economic, security, and diplomatic role in the Indo-Pacific.