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COVID-19: housing market impacts and housing policy responses - an international review

Two years after the outbreak of COVID-19, this report analyses pandemic impacts on housing systems across a range of high income countries during this period, and documents a range of policy responses relating to housing and homelessness.
Journal article

Sustainability and interoperability: an economic study on BIM implementation by a small civil engineering firm

In the area of civil engineering, due to the local nature of many of the software tools used, interoperability problems are frequent, with few studies addressing the economic impact of this, especially in small engineering firms. The main contribution of this paper is a design...
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Optimization of green building design processes: case studies within the European union

Two case studies in Italy and two case studies in Spain are analyzed, and the effects of the project management issues are evaluated under three different points of view: Time, cost, and level of sustainability of the building. A poorly planned process for the achievement...
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BIM-LEAN as a methodology to save execution costs in building construction - an experience under the Spanish framework

The most representative trends in the construction industry that enable improvements are both Building Information Modelling paradigm (BIM) and Lean Construction philosophy. However, there is a scarcity of works on the synergy of both paradigms. Therefore, this paper is focused on the benefits of both...
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Using Photovoice to examine physical activity in the urban context and generate policy recommendations: the Heart Healthy Hoods study

A current challenge in physical activity research is engaging citizens with co-creating policies that support physical activity participation. Using Photovoice, a participatory action research method, the objectives of this study were to:

Inquiry into the future of the private rental sector

This study focused on the Australian private rental sector including formal rules (policies and regulation); organisations and structures; and informal rules (social norms and practices), and reviewed the sector in ten countries.
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Socioeconomic position and malnutrition among older adults: Results from the FRADEA study

Low socioeconomic position (SEP) is related to many health-related conditions in older adults. However, there is a lack of knowledge on the association between SEP and malnutrition, a condition with serious consequences for older people in terms of quality of life and adverse health events...


Lessons from previous ‘coal transitions’ high-level summary for decision-makers

This report aims to provide a deeper understanding of what a 'just transition' away from coal production and use might look like in practice. It provides six historical case studies of regional coal mining transitions that have occurred or are ongoing in Europe and the...
Journal article

OPRM: Challenges to including open peer review in open access repositories

The peer review system is the norm for many publications. It involves an editor and several experts in the field providing comments for a submitted article. The reviewer remains anonymous to the author, with only the editor knowing the reviewer's identity. This model is now...

Creative alternatives to retirement living: what do YOU want?

By 2050 a quarter of our population will be over sixty-five but we'll be living longer and with different expectations of life in our latter years. We explore the options of how to live and where to live beyond the conventional choices of downsizing the...

The NANA project: a new architecture for the new aged that advocates a better built environment for older people

In search of new approaches to aged care, the NANA Project studied 13 residential developments in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Netherlands. The traditional ‘nursing home’ and ‘retirement village’ are not only outdated, they can actually foster separation and ‘otherness’, isolating people from their...

The rise and impact of digital amnesia: why we need to protect what we no longer remember

The internet and internet-enabled devices have transformed our everyday lives and relationships. We entrust them with our precious personal information including contacts and images and rely on them to connect us to a vast repository of knowledge, anytime, anywhere. As part of its commitment to...
Conference paper

Recognising tertiary students in place-making for urban spaces

This paper will review a range of approaches to place-making, identifying and discussing differences in housing provision and arrangement of public facilities and spaces for students in several overseas cities, including in Germany, Italy, Spain and California where practices vary substantially.


1. The work that the OECD Rural Working Party has carried out in the previous years has led to the conclusion that traditional top-down approaches and sectoral subsidies to rural areas have not given the expected results and that there is a need for place-based...