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Healthier construction: conceptualising transformation of mental health outcomes through an integrated supply chain model

The aim of this paper is to analyse the industrial organisation and the structural and behavioural context of the construction industry and propose a new approach to understanding interactions at multiple levels, in relation to root causes of the mental health problem.
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Analysis of start-up digital mental health platforms for enterprise: opportunities for enhancing communication between managers and employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in employees being exposed to transformational stressors from within and outside their organisations. This study explored communication and service attributes across a sample of five operational leading commercial start-up platforms for mental service delivery to employees.
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Students’ workplace readiness: assessment and skill-building for graduate employability

This study introduces a new approach for the competence development of the socio-technical aspect. The curriculum of the Project Management (PM) course taught in degree programs concentrates largely on imparting technical knowledge. Current research seeks to direct the attention of the PM curriculum towards Personal...

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Sustainability through resilient collaborative housing networks: a case study of an Australian pop-up shelter

The UN Sustainable Development Goal “Sustainable Cities and Communities” foregrounds access to adequate, safe, and affordable housing. However, housing as a sector has faced significant sustainability challenges. Countries such as Australia face unaffordable house prices, bottlenecks in social housing supply, and escalating homelessness. To address...

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Figuring the transition from circular economy to circular society in Australia

This study contributes to debates on circular discourses, nature, and the limitations of the circular economy in Australia, the relational space of intermediation, and the nature of MLP transitions for a sustainable circular transition economy in Australia.
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