Kerry London

Kerry London is the Deputy Dean of the School Of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics at Western Sydney University. She was formerly the Dean of Research and Innovation of the UniSA Division of Arts, Education and Social Sciences.
Conference paper

Construction supply chain economic policy implementation for sectoral change: moving beyond the rhetoric

The research reported in this paper documents an action research study undertaken in the Australian construction sector to explore supply chain economic policy implementation for sectoral change by two government agencies.
Journal article

Construction supply chain modeling: a research review and interdisciplinary research agenda

Both industrial organization and analytic modeling provide useful but ultimately incomplete perspectives and prescriptions for construction supply chain management. As such, this paper proposes development of an interdisciplinary research agenda that draws from both fields.
Journal article

An industrial organization economic supply chain approach for the construction industry: a review

This selected review of construction and mainstream management supply chain literature is organized around four themes; distribution, production, strategic procurement management and industrial organization economics, and highlights the need to develop an industrial organization economic supply chain framework for construction.
Technical report

The Australian housing conditions dataset: technical report

The Australian Housing Conditions Dataset (AHCD) responds to a pressing need for a reliable and up-to-date housing conditions data infrastructure. This initial wave is focused on New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. However, additional work to build upon, adapt and apply the AHCD research...

Housing supply chain model for innovation: research report

The aim of this research is to undertake a case study analysis of successful delivery of an innovation to the Australian housing construction industry. This study is conducted on the “innovator group”; that is, the group that created the idea of an innovation for the...