Craig McLachlan

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Craig S. McLachlan
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A narrative review of commercial platforms offering tracking of heart rate variability in corporate employees to detect and manage stress

This study explored web and blog information using five operational commercial technology solution platforms that offer heart rate variability for stress detection.
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Understanding unmet care needs of rural older adults with chronic health conditions: a qualitative study

This qualitative study sought the views of both rural older people and healthcare professionals, to understand health needs, barriers and enablers of accessing health services, with a focus on chronic health conditions.

Actioning ‘Be Good’: how Torrens University Australia’s research contributes to Sustainable Development Goals and impacts communities and practices

Other authors
Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué, Divya Singh, Jane Usher (Eds.)
Sustainability is an important agenda embedded in Torrens University Australia (TUA)'s research strategy. To illustrate how Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets are addressed by Torrens University researchers, this chapter identifies real-world problems and reports on research that has delivered sustainable change.
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Healthier construction: conceptualising transformation of mental health outcomes through an integrated supply chain model

The aim of this paper is to analyse the industrial organisation and the structural and behavioural context of the construction industry and propose a new approach to understanding interactions at multiple levels, in relation to root causes of the mental health problem.
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Evaluation of home-based naturopathic telehealth clinic: an innovative COVID-19 pandemic response

The COVID-19 pandemic in Australia disrupted usual clinical training placements for naturopathic students. An innovative, remote Telehealth clinic was developed and implemented. This pilot study evaluates student and educator learning and teaching experiences in Telehealth. Thematic analysis of student written responses showed increased client diversity...